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Business Philosophy 

Innovation for improvement, green products, concern for the earth, energy saving, professionalism, and enthusiasm are the six pillars of our business philosophy.

The electronic and information industries have been prosperous for years. In the era of 3C (consumer electronics, computer, communication) and the advocacy of the government in using eco-powered cars, the trend for the development of portable 3C devices and the concept of environmental protection in motor vehicles has become prevalent. In either case, the Honcell Energy for these products – the “battery cell” – is indispensable. The endless advancement of technologies and the continued demand of human beings drive up the demand for battery cells. As a result, the anxiety of people over the pollution of the environment caused by the consumption of resources is gradually surfacing. There is no proper procedure for handling dumped battery cells while the heavy metallic substances contained in the dumped battery cells gradually pollute the entire natural environment and cause irreparable damage. At this juncture, a high capacity, small size, long life, and pollution free rechargeable battery has come into being. Different types of such kinds of batteries are developed for the needs of the consumers in different products. All countries in the world classified this type of battery with the environmental friendly label. Honcell Energy has taken environmental protection, convenience, and high performance into consideration in developing the Li-poly rechargeable batteries as its premium product. The objective is to achieve perpetual corporate development and environmental protection under a win-win situation.


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